Saturday, October 17, 2015

Who am I? What has made me who I am?
-Devy Ann Navarroza Agnes-

                         In my 16 years of existence in this world, I have so many experiences that makes me as a person. Experiences that makes me down in life but definitely teaches me a lesson on how to be strong enough to face all the battle in my life. I'll always treasure those experiences because without it, I'm sure I'm useless. Everything that surrounds me, the people and all also makes me a better person in this world.
                          Hi, I am Devy Ann. Lots of nickname but I guess Devy is the nickname that fits me more, but my close friends usually call me "Debs". I'm a simple and shy of person. SHY? Kidding! Honestly, I'm talkative. I love to talk and talk. I never get tired of talking. I never get tired of loving an insensitive person who do not care of my stupid feeling:).Hahah. Sorry if I inserted my damn feeling, let's just forget it. I'm a friendly type of person and seriously I don't know how to be mad at a person. I forgive easily but I never forget what they did to me.
                           I have a harmonious relationship with my family. I was born single, with no twin but I was hoping I had. I'm the eldest and the prettiest daughter of my parents knowing that I'm their only daughter. Hahaha. I have a brother. The most caring brother for me. Yes, I'm the eldest but I guess between the two of us he's the one who has a more mature brain than me. Sometimes I hate my brother for being such a handsome guy, arrrgh. Whenever we attend mass together, everybody thought I'm his girlfriend. Like duh? Usually before, his girl suitors, yes girl suitors always gets mad at me because they didn't know that time that I'm his sister. lot of girls always flirt on him but he never pay attention on girls.He's focus is studies. I do love my brother even though we usually fight for nonsense things. We're totally different he's brainy most especially in mathematics unlike me. We really love our parents. Our family is complete and happy just like every child dreamed to  have.
                     Close friends, best friends and friends?I have those guys. They always makes me happy thou sometimes we lack of communication. Kristine Esquivel is the best among my bestfriends. We were childhood friends. Although now we study at the different school,we still find time to see each other. 
                I'm an adventurous girl. I  love to go to different places but my parents won't allow me. Our home is my favorite place where I can always feel the love, care and comfort of  my family I want to travel the whole Philippines. I want to visit my mother's hometown, Caramoan. I've never been there, same as my mom, she never visited Caramoan again since she married my father. Library is my favorite place. I love to read books. Jude Deverux is my favorite author and "Lavander Morning" is one of  her works that I love most. In terms of watching television. I'm not fond of it. Before, I used to watch television the entire day but everything changed when I went to college. I love to watch horror movies. I'm afraid of ghosts yet I love watching it. I usually scream to death whenever I watch it. Sometimes I also love to watch romantic movies.
                  I'm an environmental lover. I care for our mother earth. Sometimes planting and gardening is my hobby. During my high school days, I am an officer of an organization aiming to have a clean and green surroundings. Rose is my favorite flower. Someday at the right time, I'm hoping that someone would dare to give me rose on valentines day. Hahaha. I never received  anything in the 16 years. I usually celebrated valentines day alone. Hahhaha. Kidding! Of course, I celebrate it with my girlfriends. Friends always make my  Valentine day special. So much for valentines day. Hahaha. Dog is my favorite pet. 
                   I hate rainy days. I always remember someone whenever it rained. Someone I need to forget. But sometimes, I love it when it rain. I know I'm insane but I totally want to snow here in the Philippines. I want to experience even though for a few minutes only. 
                     Foods? I guess everybody can't survive without it. I love to eat, but it isn't obvious with my body. I have a sexy body. Kidding! Hahah. I'm not sexy, I'm thin. Last time I checked, my waist line is 22, sexy right? I know you won't believe me but it's true. I don't have a specific favorite food because all food is my favorite. "Higado" is my  most favorite food.
                   I'm a frustrated singer and definitely  a frustrated dancer. I love music but the music doesn't love me. My favorite band is "A Rocket to the Moon". 
                   Chess and basketball is my favorite sports. I've been a chess and basketball player during my high school days. My dream in life is to be a book writer. I want to publish my own book. 
                      Lots of things that help us mold as a person. I know I'm still young. More problems will come in my life but I know I am ready to face it. With the experiences I've experienced i is enough to make me a better person.

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