Sunday, October 25, 2015

“Same Sex Relationship in our Society”
-Devy Ann Navarroza Agnes-

            God created us as a unique individual, that’s why we have our own personality and beliefs.  We have different opinions in life that need to be respected by everyone.
        In our modern society, same sex relationship is not new to our ears.  In fact in other countries like United States, the government grant the legality of same sex marriage. Here in the Philippines, most of the people protest about the same sex relationship, especially those who’s working inside the church: the priests. They strongly disagree about this because they believe that a man is for a woman and a woman is for a man only, nothing less, nothing more. They also believe that God only created two kind of person, man and woman. Now, what this they called “Gender Identity and Sexual Identity”? Gender Identity pertains to the genitals of a person. It pertains to the sexual organ of a person. While on the other hand, Sexual Identity is all about the identification of a man about his/her self whether bisexual, homosexual or transgender.
        As a college student, I personally agree about “Same Sex Relationship”. In my own opinion, there’s nothing wrong with that kind of relationship. Love is about loving, is not about who your partner is or who your partner is. As long as you know your limitation. As long as you know your responsibilities. You can’t blame people from falling in love with the person who has the same sex with them. Honestly, I’ve been in a relationship with lesbians, and based on my experience, lesbians are more loving and sweeter than boys. That’s why I can’t blame myself from having in a relationship with them.
        Relationship. Relationship. No matter what kind of relationship you have, always remember, you must know your actions.

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